Beatles Museum In Germany Closing

A Beatles museum, which just opened in 2009, is closing its doors in Hamburg, Germany due to a lack of interest.

The Guardian reports that due to a lack of sufficient income to keep the “Beatlemania” museum running, that houses more than 1000 pieces of Beatles memorabilia, it will be shutting down at the end of the month.

The museum contained several listening areas, where you can hear a Beatles tune, had a life-size recreation of the Yellow Submarine, as well as art work and other pieces of Beatles history. It was situated in the middle of a Hamburg nightlife area, where in the early 60s the band made some of its first appearances, performing at clubs such as Top Ten and the Kaiserkeller.

A statement on the museum’s website read that it had drawn just over 150,000 visitors since its May 2009 opening, “an impressive number, but not enough to cover the high costs incurred by this project.”

The website’s statement added, “As much as we would have wished it to be different, there is objectively no reason to believe that the situation of the Beatlemania will change in the short or medium term. Consequently, there is no other option or way out than closing our doors as of June, 30 2012.”

It was reported that most of the memorabilia contained within the museum will now go into storage.

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