Bee Gees Cursed? They All Died Before They Should Have

After the 3rd Gibb brother from the Bee Gees died this past weekend, it left some wondering if the family was cursed because of members dying seemingly before they should have. While curses are just superstition, some people take them literally.

First, there was the youngest brother, Andy Gibb, who was a solo artist and abused alcohol and drugs at an early age and died after collapsing from a heart attack in 1988 at the age of 30.

Then in 2003 Maurice Gibb, Robin’s twin, suddenly passed at the age of 53 just two days after checking into a hospital to have a routine surgery to correct a blocked intestine. “Maurice took ill and two days later he had gone. We were absolutely devastated,” said Robin at the time.

Then in 2010 Robin started having health issues that first appeared as abdominal problems and was in and out of the hospital for treatment, which later ended up being colon cancer. He died on Sunday after coming out of a coma due to the cancer and pneumonia, and things were looking optimistic he would recover. He was 62.

The lone brother and Bee Gees member is also ironically the oldest in Barry Gibb, who is currently 65 and has no history of major health problems.

Some have drawn a comparison to a curse much like the one that seems to be hanging over the Kennedy family, especially after the recent death of Mary Kennedy. Even Robin himself wondered if his family was paying the price for their overwhelming success in the music industry over the years when he told a reporter a few months ago during his illness, he thought they were paying a “karmic price.”

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