Bethenny Frankel Minor Wardrobe Malfunction

Bethenny Frankel, 41, experienced a minor wardrobe malfunction when she accidentally flashed the live audience during a taping of the “Anderson” show. During the wardrobe malfunction, Frankel revealed her bright pink underwear.

There are numerous false reports that she revealed a lot more on the show, which is incorrect, but she did reveal her bright pink underwear to the live audience during a taping of the “Anderson” show.

It all started when host Anderson Cooper challenged Frankel to a push-up contest. A very excited Frankel jumped down on the floor for to begin. However, in the process of jumping to the floor, her dress flew over her buttocks -and exposing her underwear.

Frankel was so surprised she screamed, pulled her dress back over to cover her underwear and scoped around at the audience with an embarrassed look.

Cooper was filled with laughter.

“Wow,” Cooper said while clapping and nodding his head.

“I don’t usually have to jump,” Frankel said.

“How’d it look,” she asked the audience, which began cheering and clapping. “Pink? You saw the pink? Alright”

Cooper then made fun of Frankel saying, “That whole side of the room is like ‘yes’ and this side of the room is ‘what did we miss?'”

To her credit though, Frankel’s underwear matched her pumps.

The episode of Anderson airs on Monday, March 19.

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