Bethenny Frankel Reveals Her Intimate Sex Secrets

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel debuted her new talk show on Monday and revealed some intimate secrets about her sex life.

The first episode kicked off with an awkward man panel that included comics D.L. Hughley, Kevin Nealon, and Mike Catherwood of “Loveline.” They discussed attachment parent breastfeeding and, of course, with D.L. present, they had to go into tired old jokes.

During a sex Q&A with Dr. Raj, Bethenny’s husband, Jason Hoppy, surprised the host and the audience by asking a question and revealing details about their sex life.

“After we have sex, I wanna pass out. I wanna fall a sleep. She wants to talk. She wants to organize, she wants to show me, ‘Do these jeans fit?’ Why is that,” Jason asked.

“Men pass out. Women get wound up — that’s why I don’t like it at night, because I gotta sleep,” Bethenny said.

Dr. Raj admitted “it can be energy depleting for men.”

Bethenny’s solution, “Have sex in the morning.” Jason has no problem with that saying, “I’ll take it when I can get it!”

She also cleared up divorce rumors by stating emphatically that the two are still happily married.

Vanessa Williams was a great choice for Bethenny’s first interview guest. Williams was bright, positive, and beautiful enough to put the new TV host at ease.

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