Beyonce Birth Rumors and Labor In New York City

Beyonce Rumors

Beyonce is the topic of discussion at New York’s St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital after the staff was put on notice that a high profile couple were arriving to give birth, which has fueled rumors that Jay-Z himself is with his wife in the delivery room.

We are unable to verify the sources who provided us this information, so we have to report it as we see it, that this is all speculation based on information that is very much unconfirmed.

However, here’s a few facts that we do know of.

Beyonce revealed back in August at the VMAs that she was pregnant – and now speculation is flying that she is preparing to give birth (or in some cases, that she already has). It all started on Dec. 27 when the staff at New York’s St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital were put on high alert about a high profile patient checking in to give birth. The hospital hasn’t confirmed anything, but sources say there’s a lot of buzz in the hallways among the nurses that the pop star and her husband could already be on the property.

There are other reports suggesting that Beyonce has already given birth to a daughter named Tiana May Carter, but the sources they use are totally anonymous, which is why we’re not making a big deal out of these rumors.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have remained quiet and have not made any official statements regarding the baby or birth.

The only other indication about her pregnancy was from her Live at Roseland DVD where she makes a statement about filming the “Countdown” video on Sept. 23 and that she was six months pregnant, which would put her due date right about now.

We will definitely keep you updated when anything official happens. In the meantime, stay tuned, and Happy New Year!

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