Bieber Spraying Graffiti On Hotel Building In Brazil

Justin Bieber was caught spraying graffiti in Brazil, according to the country’s biggest news outlet. Several graffiti photos have been released, showing Bieber spraying words an art on a wall, and police now want to question him.

The O Globo newspaper reported that photographers snapped photos of the singer as he painted a wall of the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro Tuesday morning. Defacing buildings is a crime in Brazil punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine. O Globo said police went to the singer’s mansion rented in Rio to question him, but he was not there.

Calls and emails to Bieber representatives Melissa Victor, Nick Styne and Aaron Rosenberg were not returned.

In Colombian capital of Bogota, where he performed last week, Bieber upset authorities when he spray-painted graffiti on a wall along one of the capital city’s main avenues while being escorted by officers in a police car.

In a statement, Brazil’s civil police force said they had already interviewed a Bieber representative and would continue gathering details about the incident.

Brazil’s federal police, the force charged with immigration matters, denied local media reports that investigators had sought to prevent Bieber, bound Wednesday for a show in Asuncion, Paraguay, from leaving the country.

The incident follows a whirlwind of tabloid headlines during Bieber’s Brazilian stay, including reports that he had attended a Rio nightclub that in the past has been shuttered for prostitution.

Tabloids published photos they said were of the singer, wrapped in a bedsheet to conceal his identity, leaving the Centaurus club over the weekend.

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