Bill Murray Crying Baby Of Youngest Child Goes Viral

Actor Bill Murray chose to imitate a crying baby in hopes that it would stop. The father of six is a bit out of practice, as this youngest child Lincoln will be turning 12 on May 30.

Laura B. submitted a photo of her child with Murray to a Tumblr account developed by Greg Pembroke titled “Reasons My Son is Crying.” The caption read, the reason why Laura’s son is crying is because “he met Bill Murray.”

Murray’s parenting tactics may seem a bit off to most parents, but there are a few people who agree with his method.

“My brilliant grandfather used this same tactic when dealing with grandkids crying over trivialities, (not real pain or suffering),” the user wrote on a Huffington Post blog. “He would take the crier to the garage and cry with them at the top of his lungs. The result was usually the crying child would dissolve in laughter at the sight of a 6’5″ man crying along with them.”

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