Blake Fielder-Civil Fights For Life After Binge

Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband, is in a coma fighting for his life and remains on life support after an apparent alcohol and drug binge.

His girlfriend, Sarah Aspin, found him choking in bed on Friday and he was rushed to a hospital in Dewsbury area of England with multiple organ failure.

Aspin, who’s also the mother of Fielder-Civil’s 15-month-old son, told The Sun, “The doctors say they don’t know the prognosis. They said they put him in a coma to help him and due to infection. I’m praying he’ll survive, but I’m having to prepare myself that he may never wake up.”

Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, is also sending over his prayers: “Terrible news about Blake this morning. Remember Amy loved him. Let’s pray for his recovery.”

Fielder-Civil has battled drug and alcohol problems through the years, as well as issues with the law.

Mitch Winehouse blamed him for his daughter’s downward spiral in his new book, “Amy, My Daughter.”

“All the songs, apart from ‘Rehab,’ are about Blake,” he wrote about his daughter, who died in July 2011. “One of the biggest albums of the 20th century is all about the biggest low-life scumbag that God ever put breath into.”

“Blake didn’t kill her, but he still bears responsibility,” the late singer’s father added. “He still makes me more than angry, going on about how Amy took to drugs ‘like a duck to water.'”

Winehouse and Fielder-Civil, a one-time video production assistant, were married from 2007 to 2009.

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