Blake Lively Is Addicted To Snakeskin Shoes

Blake Lively – With her finger firmly on the pulse of a nation grappling with poverty and mass unemployment, Blake Lively has described the size of her Louboutin shoes collection as “embarrassing.”

The star of Gossip Girl discussed her addiction at a 20th anniversary celebration of Louboutin’s work in New York. Previously, the actress has purchased a collection of forty pairs of Louboutins shoes at a time, and is a personal friend of the footwear designer. She told People magazine, “They are the most beautiful shoes out there. And incredibly innovative. It’s embarrassing how many pairs I have.”

Lively was joined during the evening by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Calvin Klein and Tyrese, with Blake sporting a pair of splatter-paint snakeskin stilettos.

“Not only is Blake beautiful, she is very talented and she’s very smart. One of the things that is most important for women and men, at least for me, is intelligence. Through a lot of things, she has proved that she is really intelligent and she also has this natural beauty and this natural way of moving which makes her absolutely a great image,” Louboutin said.

In 2011, Lively was featured in the annual TIME magazine 100 influential people. Fans agree that she has the best collections of shoes.

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