Bo Derek Joins CSI Miami

Bo Derek made a return to television after six years by filling in as a guest star on “CSI: Miami,” Sunday night.

In Derek’s actual life, she’s an animal activist, and horse enthusiast; while on “CSI: Miami,” she played the owner of a horse ranch, where a murder takes place. In reality, she sold a horse to the real owner of the horse ranch where the episode was shot on.

She told Entertainment Tonight, that a clincher on whether she would actually take on the role was the bonus of seeing the horse she had sold many years ago.

“It was a good fit. I’ve been out here to the ranch many times.” Bo stated. “The owner is a friend of mine, and I sold them a horse I haven’t seen in eight years.”

Lead actor David Caruso said of getting to have Derek on the show, “She is a living legend. You’re standing with Bo Derek and that’s a testament to maybe ‘CSI: Miami.'”

Derek owns Andalusian horses and is a spokesperson for the Animal Welfare Institute’s campaign to end horse slaughter through passage of federal and state legislation. In addition, she has published an autobiography titled, “Riding Lessons: Everything That Matters in Life I Learned from Horses.”

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