Boardwalk Empire Pilot Episode

By: Kara Gilmour
Staff Writer
Published: Sep 20, 2021

Boardwalk Empire pilot episode is the creation of Terence Winter, author of The Sopranos.

The HBO series reveals an empire of melting pot of gangsters along the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. It has drama and suspense, and this show is a must-see.

The first episode immediately transports the viewer into the world of gangsters from Atlantic City at the beginning of Prohibition. The show recreates the atmosphere of 1920, a time when Al Capone and Lucky Luciano were unknown names. It's a cinematic quality is excellent and superb.

The HBO series has its starting point from the book of the same name released in 2002 by Judge Nelson Johnson, who researched for two decades, the political and Atlantic City, where his family originates. In the preface to the new edition of the book, Terence Winter says his biggest challenge was to choose a time for the show. "A place of spectacle, of doubtful policy, easy women and secret agreements, but also a real community with real people," Terence Winter said in a statement.

The series reveals the emergence of organized crime as it would be known in the United States in the twentieth century. The show will be available for viewing online from most cable/satellite companies this week. In Canada, Rogers On Deman will have the pilot episode ready by Tuesday.

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