Bob Anderson, lightsaber sword master in movies, dies at 89

Bob Anderson Sword Master Movies – Lightsabre master Bob Anderson, the Olympic fencer who trained Darth Vader on how to use the sword in the original Star Wars movies, has died at the age of 89. For many years, no one knew this guy’s name because it was a secret and George Lucas didn’t want to spoil the characters in the film. However, the cast went to Lucas a few years ago and asked him to release it.

The cast told Lucas that they didn’t think it was fair that Anderson didn’t get any credit for the work he did in the movies. Lucas agreed and added his name to all the credits. The sword master himself was honored.

Bob was also a fight director and a stuntman in movies. His death was confirmed on January 1st by the British Academy of Fencing. Anderson died in the his native UK.

At the age of 60 the swordsman portrayed Vader in light saber duels during the “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” movies. When Vader was not fighting he was portrayed by another, taller, actor and was voiced over by James Earl Jones. Anderson is one of a total seven actors that have played Darth Vader through the series.

Anderson’s portrayal of Vader during duel scenes was to be kept a secret but actor Mark Hamill felt like he deserved recognition for his great work.

“It was always supposed to be a secret, but I finally told [director] George [Lucas] I didn’t think it was fair any more,” Hamill told Starlog magazine. “Bob worked so bloody hard that he deserves some recognition. It’s ridiculous to preserve the myth that it’s all done by one man.”

Anderson also helped actors such as Errol Flynn and Antonio Banderas, in sword fighting scenes.

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