Bob Dylan Guitar May Sell For $1M

A woman from New Jersey discovered what she feels is the electric guitar Bob Dylan played at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. Now, she is thinking of selling the valuable instrument; however, according to Dylan’s aides, Dawn Peterson does not possess the guitar because the singer still has it.

Moreover, professionals who have been working with History Detectives feel differently, and they think that the guitar could bring in a huge amount of money, if the woman decides to sell it at the auction.

According to Peterson, she had no idea that the guitar her father a pilot for Dylan’s manager Albert Grossman, found on his plane was Dylan’s until history professionals keyed her into the fact she could have a treasure.

“My father saw there were three guitars left on the plane. He contacted the company a few times about picking the guitars up, but nobody ever got back to him,” she said.

Orin Snyder, Dylan’s lawyer, has told Rolling Stone magazine that there is no conceivable way the guitar could be his client’s most prized guitar, even though it was in a case that had the singer/songwriter’s scribbles and was recently authenticated as the guitar the performer played at Newport by History professionals.

“Bob has possession of the electric guitar he played at the Newport Folk Festival,” he said.

“He did own several other Stratocaster guitars that were stolen from him around that time, as were some handwritten lyrics.”

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