Bobbi Kristina Wearing Nick Gordon’s Engagement Ring

Bobbi Kristina Brown and her step-brother Nick Gordon might be engaged after she was seen wearing a huge engagement ring. The pair have been getting close ever since Whitney Houston’s death.

But Bobbi Kristina wanted to clear the air with her friends last weekend and officially announce that she and “adopted brother” Nick Gordon are dating, according to TMZ.

Kristina, 19, and Gordon, 22, reportedly broke the news to their closest friends at a barbecue over the weekend – and were met with skepticism.

A source tells TMZ that the couple’s pals didn’t believe the news until the two kissed in front of everyone, something that completely shocked the rest of the barbecue attendees.

Whitney Houston took Gordon into her home when he was just 12 years old, and raised him and Brown as “brother and sister.”

The pair have referred to each other as such on Twitter, but are not related by blood.

Kristina’s family has been reportedly “really upset” about the romantic developments, fearing that Gordon is a bad influence on young, impressionable Brown.

Notably, a friend of her grandmother, Cissy Houston, told TMZ that the matriarch said “what they’re doing is incestuous.”

Brown and Gordon currently reside together at the family home in Atlanta, though Cissy is reportedly taking actions to get Gordon evicted.

A friend of the couple said she felt like the “relationship” was forming as a result of both parties mourning Whitney’s death and looking for an understanding shoulder to cry on, according to TMZ.

Gordon, meanwhile, has slammed the rumors, claiming that he and Kristina are “just close – just going through her mom’s passing and grieving together.”

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