Bobby Brown Releasing Masterpiece Solo Album

Singer Bobby Brown is releasing a new album about “healing” and he says it took him a long time to complete the product because he’s spent so much time trying to get his life back on track and doing things that are right.

Brown is currently on tour with the “New Edition,” and Bobby even says that he’s ready to return to his solo career with the album “Masterpiece,” due out June 5.

“It’s what I’ve been through throughout my life, and just trying to heal myself through my music,” the 43-year-old singer said in a recent interview.

“Masterpiece” is Brown’s first album in 14 years. He was a multiplatinum star with New Edition and later developed his solo career. But his well-documented battle with drugs and his legal woes led to his musical decline. His turbulent marriage to Whitney Houston further eroded his image.

In a recent interview with the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer, Brown denied that he got his late ex-wife addicted to drugs. Houston’s career was derailed by her drug use, which came to the public’s attention during her marriage to Brown. The superstar drowned in February in Beverly Hills, Calif.; her death was complicated by heart disease and cocaine use, according to authorities.

“The Matt Lauer interview was just for me to clear the air about what everyone was feeling about my ex-wife’s death,” Brown said.

Although he was arrested for DUI in March, the singer insists he has been drug-free for more than seven years. He said his attempt to get his life in order is part of the reason why the album took so long to make.

Brown says “Masterpiece,” which he started working on last year, is “the best album I’ve done so far.

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