Bobby Brown Enters DUI Plea In Court

The late Whitney Houston’s ex-husband, Bobbi Brown, entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ on Monday for his DUI charge in Los Angeles last month. It is illegal in California to be on your cell phone while driving and initially that is what the singer was stopped for on March 26th.

However, the officer who pulled Brown over suspected him of being under the influence and conducted a field sobriety test in which he failed, and he was driving on a suspended license.

After attorney, Tiffany Feder entered the plea for Brown, who was not present, Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Rebecca Owens said that, “Mr. Brown is not to consume anything of an alcoholic nature,” then set a pretrial hearing for May 16th.

Feder actually tried to argue that the restriction on Brown not consuming any alcohol until his next court hearing was too excessive, citing that he was just barely over the legal limit of 0.08 at the time of his DUI arrest.

State prosecutor, Diego Edber easily counter argued the point by saying, “We believe he has an extensive history of substance abuse. Even though it may not be current, (the restriction is) probably not a bad idea for public safety.”

The judge did not change her ruling. “It is a standard condition in this court when a defendant has this type of profile, and he is under a lot of stress at this point,” Owens said. “It looks like your client has had a history (using) substances when under pressure. So it is going to remain.”

Brown has been charged with three separate misdemeanor counts that if found guilty each carries the maximum sentence of 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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