Bode Miller Ready For Joint Custody Battle

Bode Miller, who wants joint custody of Sara McKenna’s newborn son, has filed new court documents that could drag this dispute for several months.

The Olympic skier has asked a judge to force McKenna to move closer to him in California so he can spend time with the boy.

In addition, Miller moved to change the last name on his son’s birth certificate.

Previously, McKenna tried to block Miller’s attempts at custody, claiming in a court filing that the famed Olympic skier should not have custody of her son because he lives on a yacht and has substance abuse problems.

It’s a new twist in an ugly saga between Miller, McKenna and Miller’s wife, volleyball player Morgan Beck, whom Miller married late last year.

McKenna also claimed Miller did not want the child, and asked her to have an abortion.

“I will be fighting this in court and will not give up my son to somebody who did not want him to begin with,” McKenna told TMZ.

Miller, 35, launched his fight for joint legal and physical custody of McKenna’s child just days after Beck suffered a miscarriage in January.

McKenna filed a police report against Beck, claiming online attacks and threatening messages on Twitter. He claims that she was sent a series of online posts from Beck under different accounts that threatened her and insulted her with words like “c***” and “b–ch.”

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