Bon Iver impression on SNL thanks to Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s unforgettable Bon Iver’s impression on Saturday Night Live.

The memorable impression was from a skit that included Justin Timberlake, Maya Rudolph and Jay Pharaoh. They were acting out a skit that in which Jay-Z and Beyonce introducing their new baby, Blue Ivy Carter.

“I was just wandering barefoot in the woods of Wisconsin, and fashioned this guitar out of a canoe,” Timberlake (Bon Iver) said. In addition, Ivers went on to sing his version of the Grammy-nominated song “Holocene” as a lullaby for Blue Ivy. However, he ended up singing himself to sleep, prior to finishing the song. Then, he was carried out of the room.

Bon Iver tweeted his approval:

“I was just watching SNL and JT did a Bon Iver hilarious thing!” the lead singer tweeted.

“Also, Maya Rudolph saying ‘bon iver’ is enough. I can die now!!!” He continued expressing his approval. “JT! SNL peeps… that was hilarious. Armisen as prince… Also, I WISH I looked that good bald. That was it… the most surreal thing! ever!”

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