Bow Wow Not Bothered By Georgia Arrest Warrant

Bow Wow, 24, has a warrant for his arrest signed by a judge in Georgia, but he seems to be unfazed by it, he just laughs and “changes the subject” according to friends close to the rapper.

A representative for Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss, said to E! News that the situation is an “ongoing dispute” and is under control.

The warrant was issued because he is being held in contempt of court for not producing documents and make a payment he was ordered to, in connection with a suit against a tour bus company that claims the rapper has not paid an overdue bill since 2009. The tour bus company is based in Tennessee but had the suit moved to Georgia because that is where Moss lives.

The tour bus company filed the motion to have Moss held in contempt after he failed to follow through on the judges orders made on October 20th of 2011.

Unfazed by the warrant the rapper tweeted a picture of himself on Monday behind bars saying, “Been here before…. Haha.”

Meanwhile, the rep for Moss gave the excuse that he recently hired a new legal team to deal with this and another matter and that everything will be resolved soon.

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