Bret Michaels Calls Off Engagement With Kristi Gibson After 16 Years

Poison frontman Bret Michaels, 49, has called off his engagement with longtime girlfriend Kristi Gibson, 41, and has moved back to his hold bachelor pad, after more than 16 years together.

The couple, who have two daughters together, became engaged in 2010. That year, he suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage and another health scare, which was a warning stroke.

“Although the couple have separated they remain great friends and are committed to jointly raising their two daughters,” a Michaels rep told People on Monday.

The rocker always seemed a bit reluctant when it came to saying “I do,” telling the mag before the engagement episode aired, “Love and marriage are the ultimate, but I still get a little sweaty about the marriage thing.”

Michaels was the vocalist for the band Poison. He also appeared in his own VH1 reality show. Last year he underwent a procedure to close a hole in his heart.

Michaels and Gibson have two kids together, Raine, 12, and Jorja, 7.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Michaels, who owns a film production company with Charlie Sheen, is planning a biopic of his life and wants to document the rise to fame with band Poison.

”I want to tell the story. Mostly, when you see rock movies, it has to be this over-the-top thing. I want to give people a Bret Michaels movie where they see that my life is a comedy of errors. I also want to show my fans how to get through the kind of troubles that would leave most people flat on the floor,” he told the Columbus Dispatch.

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