Brooke Mueller Arrested – Details On Assault and Possession In Aspen

Brooke Mueller – Brooke Mueller has been arrested in Aspen, Colorado, as we reported this morning, but now have some new information to pass along.

The latest details that are coming out of the Aspen police department is that officers were doing a routine walk through of the club “Belly Up Aspen” when a woman approached them and claimed the actress assaulted her.

Officers then found where the former Mrs. Charlie Sheen was staying and arrested her for the assault in the third degree (class one misdemeanor) and charged her with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute (class four felony).

Mueller posted bond of $11,000 and was released with a District Court date of December 19, 2011.

“How do you help someone like Brooke? Her parents even moved to Los Angeles to take care of her and help her take care of her kids, and that didn’t even help. With this latest development, her friends are beyond caring anymore,” a friend close to Mueller said in a statement.

Friends and family are hoping that Brooke ultimate decides that she wants to get better because there’s only so much they can do.