Brooke Mueller Extends Her Rehab Stay By 30 Days

Brooke Mueller has surprised everyone as she extends her stay in rehab, and she even quit smoking, according to an exclusive report by

Mueller, the ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, checked into rehab soon after her arrest in Aspen, Colorado for felony cocaine possession.

The mother of twin toddler sons decided that her time will be extended at the end of her first 30 days of treatment because she was benefiting from the program.

“This is a dramatic turn of events for Brooke as this is the first time she has ever voluntarily decided to stay in rehab. This program she is in is working, and Brooke is getting sober for herself, and that is the first time she has ever said that. In the past, family, friends have forced her into rehab, but not this time. Brooke is taking an active role in her sobriety,” a source close to the situation.

A smoker for more than 10 years, Brooke has even kicked that unhealthy habit, which is a struggle for millions of people.

“Brooke quit smoking on her own, she doesn’t want to do anything unhealthy to herself anymore. Her treatment team is so impressed with her accomplishments. Brooke has said instead of smoking cigarette’s, she will take vitamins,” the insider told Radar Online.

Mueller’s rep Steve Honig had no comment, but she is expected to remain at the facility for another month; she has been there for approximately seven weeks.

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