Bryan Ferry Weds Son’s Former Girlfriend In Island Private Ceremony

Bryan Ferry – Singer Bryan Ferry who has most of his success in the UK, has remarried for a second time with a bit of a twist, his new wife is his son’s ex-girlfriend.

Ferry who is now 66-years-old just recently married 29-year-old Amanda Sheppard on the Turks and Caicos Islands in a private ceremony.

The relationship between Ferry and Sheppard, who had once had been dating one of Ferry’s son’s, began in 2009 when Shepard had been working as public relations executive and had broken up with Ferry’s son and he offered to support her financially.

Ferry’s spokesman said it was a, “simple private ceremony.”

Previously Ferry had been married for 21 years to Lucy Helmore, they divorced in 2003 and had four son’s.

Ferry has had a solo career and has been involved with the group Roxy Music off and on from his career start. His most recognizable song may be “Is Your Love Strong Enough” featured on the soundtrack to “Legend” starring a young Tom Cruise in 1985. He has most of his success on the UK charts.

Ferry had made a habit of dating Roxy Music album cover models through the years and was once involved with model Amanda Lear who had a rumored transexual background.

Most recently in 2007 Ferry received some heat for comments he made about the Nazi regime. He stated in a German newspaper interview, “the way that the Nazis staged themselves and presented themselves, my Lord!…I’m talking about the films of Leni Riefenstahl…And the buildings of Albert Speer and the mass marches and the flags–just fantastic. Really beautiful,” He also reffered to his recording studio in London as, “The F├╝hrerbunker” which was the name for Hitler’s WWII bunker.

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