​Burt Reynolds Frail: Fans Shocked Over Reynolds Comic Con Appearance

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May, 13, 2015 | 3:08 PM

Burt Reynolds’ frail appearance shocked many fans as the 79-year-old made a rare public appearance over the weekend at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia.

Sporting rose-colored glasses, a black velvet jacket and using a cane for support, the star fielded questions from fans and seemed to have a good time, according to The Inquisitr.

Burt Reynolds appeared frail, but seemed as sharp and sarcastic as ever, saying Deliverance was his favorite film and Sally Field was “the best leading lady I ever had.”

Reynolds, who has had some health issues including back surgery in 2009 and a quintuple bypass in 2010, has also had some financial troubles. He filed bankruptcy in 1998. And in 2011 he was facing foreclosure on his Jupiter, Fla., home.

But Burt seemed upbeat about this first appearance at Comic Con.

“I think it’s a good time to find out what it’s all about,” Reynolds said in an interview before the weekend gig. “I always enjoy talking to fans and I’m usually very pleased with their curiosity about my career, what I’m doing, what I’m not doing, and why I’m not doing more.”

As the actor addressed fans and kindly signed autographs and posed for pictures, it was his incredibly frail figure that got the most attention. Some media outlets are even saying that he was in no condition for this kind of tiresome public appearance, according to FOX News.

Even so, he still took part in a Q&A on his presence at the event and on why he had decided to write his second book (it’s still a work in progress, it would seem), and what it meant to him to still be working, after so many decades of being in the industry.

First things first: the actor told the media that he decided to write “But Enough Me” so he could set the record straight on his many alleged romantic liaisons with some of the most beautiful women in showbiz, People magazine reports.

He wanted the public to hear his side of the story as well, but also to get to know a side of him that he rarely revealed, if at all. Considering he’s been working in the industry for so long and has had a tumultuous life, reminiscing wasn’t as easy, he jokingly lamented to the audience.

In the end, Reynolds hopes the fans will appreciate the effort, since he did it for them, notes USA Today.

Burt Reynolds may look frail, but he seems energetic despite looking tired. Even when Burt appears I’ll, he is still witty with his fans.

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