Cameron Diaz Wants To Write About Health

Cameron Diaz is looking forward to writing a book for young girls about the need to stay healthy and that’s why we might be seeing her name added to author titles.

According to the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” actress is looking forward to writing a book for adolescent girls about the importance of staying healthy and maintaining a proper diet.

While Diaz has signed with a literary agent, she has no formal publishing deal in place.

“This book is not about weight, it’s about making the right choices,” a publishing source stated.

The former model is excited about teaching teenage girls about body acceptance.

“She wants to stop their fixation on being thin, and for teenage girls to understand that being healthy is more important,” the insider said. “She wants to use her celebrity to make a difference. She knows she is a role model to girls, and she really wants to use that position to do good.”

In order to accomplish her goals, she will be enlisting Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwyneth Paltrow to share their experiences and wisdom with the young readers. Of course, Cameron also has top nutrients lined up to answer prominent questions.

“Cameron is going to be visiting high schools around the country to talk to teenagers about their food choices and what is important to them,” the source stated.

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