Candice Bergen Explains 2006 Stroke and Memory Loss

Candice Bergen – Actress Candice Bergen is talking about why she covered up the fact that she had a stroke in 2006 and had her rep deny the reports at the time that she did.

Apparently, Candice Bergen feared that having a stroke would affect her career, and she did not want anyone to know. When reports came out, back at the time she was in the hospital because of a stroke, she told her rep to say she was only in the hospital to be treated for high blood pressure.

The 65-year-old tells New York Magazine, “I just don’t want it to be a liability.”

Bergen went on to explain that she only took two weeks off from her position on ‘Boston Legal’ at the time but still suffers from effects of the stroke today.

Bergen says, “My memory is just … not quite the same.”

Bergen has been in 30 movies since 1966 and been on several television shows, most notably for 10 years as Murphy Brown on the sitcom of the same name between 1988 and 1998. During her run on ‘Murphy Brown,’ she won five Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes.

Last year, Bergen took a spill while riding her bike and suffered a broken pelvis. After that incident, she realized her own fragility at her age. “(I thought), ‘Wow, now I can fall and I’ll break,'” Bergen said.

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