Caroline Kennedy Jury Duty At Centre St. Courthouse

Caroline Kennedy has been selected for jury duty at the Centre St. Courthouse in Manhattan. The former First Daughter will help decide the fate of a small-time crack cocaine dealer.

The only surviving child of President John F. Kennedy and the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was selected to serve on the Supreme Court panel hearing the case of Nelson Chatman.

“I have not been convicted of a crime,” Kennedy said during jury selection at the Centre St. courthouse.

When asked if she or any member of her family had been a victim of a crime, Kennedy did not publicly mention the assassinations of her father and her uncle, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

She also didn’t clue the court in on the creepy guy who pleaded guilty in 2011 to stalking her daughter, Tatianna, or the various criminal dramas her family members have encountered.

It was not clear if Kennedy opened up about her family’s trials and tragedies during a private conference with Judge Richard Carruthers and attorneys involved in the case.

She wasn’t asked if her support for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. during his 2009 campaign would affect her judgement.

She did recall that her late brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., who was killed in a 1999 private plane crash off Martha’s Vineyard, was a prosecutor in Manhattan.

Other potential jurors in the gallery — including a magazine editor and a fashion designer — perked up when the mother of three began her voir dire statement.

“My name is Caroline Kennedy,” said the 55-year-old heiress to Camelot. “I live on the upper East Side. I’ve lived at my present address for 25 years. I live with my husband and two grown children.

“I have a law degree and I’m an author,” Kennedy said.

While she received Secret Service protection until she was 13, Kennedy said she had not been employed in law enforcement.

“Although my brother many years ago worked here as an assistant district attorney,” she volunteered.

Chaptman, 31, is fighting felony charges of selling crack. He was busted Dec. 1 on suspicion of dealing drugs near the corner of E. 129th St. and Lexington Ave. in East Harlem.

Prosecutor Robert Wainright asked Kennedy, who is being vetted as President Obama’s choice for US ambassador to Japan, if she’d be able to find Chatman guilty beyond reasonable doubt if the charges are proven.

“Yes,” Kennedy said confidently.

The author of at least seven books — including 2010 legal tome “The Right to Privacy” and “Poems to Learn By Heart,” which was published in March — Kennedy said her writing career would not be a factor in the case.

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