Cee Lo Green Denies Sexual Assault Complaint

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
11/01/2021 07:02 PM ET

Cee Lo Green denies an alleged sexual assault after a woman filed a police report in Los Angeles. Detectives have visited a restaurant where the alleged assault took place and questioned several employees, including the manager, in connection to the complaint against Green.

Green’s real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, but officials have not revealed when and where the alleged incident took place and have not identified the woman. This is quite normal during the initial phases of the investigation, as the LAPD is wary of witness tampering, evidence tampering, and false accusations. Green says he “hasn’t been to the restaurant in question, in three months.”

“Nothing ever happened there (in the restaurant) or anywhere else,” Green, 38, told TMZ.

Green has never been in significant legal trouble and is generally regarded as a gentleman. As a judge and mentor on the hit TV series “The Voice,” the “Forget You” singer comes across as a sweet, caring guy. And although he has an eye for a pretty lady and is not shy about commenting when he sees one, that certainly does not make him a predator capable of assault.

The singer/producer, whose real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, adamantly denied any wrongdoing telling TMZ, “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else.” What do you think? Is Cee Lo capable of sexual assault? Or has this whole thing been blown out of proportion?

For the moment, the case is just an investigation. No charges have been filed against Green and prosecutors have not been contacted.

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