Eminem Wife News Debunks Kim Scott Pregnancy

Eminem, whose real name is real name Marshall Mathers, is reportedly dating Kim Scott, who is pregnant with their second child. However, Eminem’s representative has denied the reports and the pregnancy. The report was published by Star magazine.

“When he came into Kim’s life again in a romantic way, she was floored. Kim’s pregnancy is going smoothly,” a source told the magazine. Another anonymous source told the publication the happy couple are expecting a boy.

The report claims that the couple has decided to give their marriage another try. This would be their third attempt. Their second union only lasted three months.

Dennis Dennehy denies report and says they are a divorced couple

Eminem’s representative, Dennis Dennehy, has denied the reports. Moreover, the rep said Scott is not pregnancy with his baby. Dennehy insists they are only on friendship terms for the sake of their daughter.

“Contrary to false rumors spread by unreliable tabloids, Marshall and Kim are not romantically reunited in any way, nor are they expecting a child together. They are a divorced couple who share custody of their daughter and maintain a friendly relationship,” Dennis Dennehy said in a statement.

The divorced couple started dating in 1987 after meeting in high school. They married in 1999, but ended within a few months. In 2000, Kim filed a $10 million lawsuit and sued Eminem for defamation after he wrote a song on his new album called “Kim.”

Kim Scott says the rapper is a horrible person that’s getting worse each day

The couple remarried briefly in 2006, but it only lasted for three months. In 2009, Kim Scott gave an interview to a Detroit radio station in which she said, “I can’t stand him. He’s an absolutely horrible person, and he gets worse every day. I vomit in my mouth, whenever I’m around him, or I hear his name,” she said. “There’s nothing left in me for him. Nothing at all.”