Biggest Celebrity Cheating Scandals Of All Time

There have been a number of celebrity cheating scandals in Hollywood. They are popular among tabloids when someone from the A-List status gets involved. We have compiled a list of some of the most bizarre incidents that rocked the nation.

Woody Allen began cheating when he had an affair with the adopted daughter of his longtime girlfriend Mia Farrow. What made the incident especially troubling to many is that Allen has never understood why anyone would object to this relationship. He said he was simply following his heart.

Hugh Grant was busted for attempting to get his groove on with a Hollywood hooker. What made the scandal so newsworthy was the massive contrast between Grant’s onscreen image as the ultimate smooth British fantasy object and the caliber of his pick up. He was arrested with a streetwalker named Divine Brown.

Paris Hilton faced some embarrassment in 2003 with the release of a sex tape. It was all made public before the premiere of her reality show “The Simple Life.” It made her the massive Internet phenomenon she remains to this day.

Michael Jackson was never convicted of anything, but it seriously damaged his celebrity status and reputation with two allegations of sexual abuse of children made. He did admit to sharing his bed with children and saw nothing wrong with it. Sadly, there would be no scandal had he just been the normal rock star route and bedded of-age groupies.