Celebrity Grandparents List Unveils Sexiest Generation

We have created a list of some of the most sexiest celebrity grandparents that might surprise you. They look great for their age and younger than ever before. Some of these families are small, others are large, but overall they speak to a new generation.

Tony Danza and his wife were voted the sexiest celebrity grandparents of 2006. Danza, 54, became a first-time grandpa to Nicholas David in August 2005, the first child of his son, Marc. Yes, time does fly by.

Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane, from his first marriage, made him a proud grandfather in 2010. Musician Alex Santana is the husband of Jane Carrey.

Singer Donny Osmond has five sons. He became a first-time grandfather to Dylan in August 2005. He might be older now, but he still looks like a kid.

Sir Paul McCartney became a grandparent in 2005. McCartney jokes about how he never saw that one coming so soon. He currently lives in Scotland but does have a condo in New York City.

Goldie Hawn ranked 6th place on the grandparents list in the 2006 Grand reader’s poll. Her daughter, Kate Hudson, gave birth to Ryder Russell Robinson in January 2004. Goldie is timeless.

Sean Connery was voted “Sexiest Man of the Century” by People magazine in 1999. He is also a sexy grandfather, according to a poll conducted by Grand magazine.

The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger is still the bad boy in rock and roll, according to the Grand reader’s poll. His grandson, Assisi, was born to Jagger’s eldest daughter, Jade, in 1992. Rumor has it that he has more grandchildren on the way.

The National Day for grandparents occurs on the 1st Sunday that comes after Labor Day. Its origins can be traced back to its first commemoration in 1978. It was created by President Jimmy Carter and Marian McQuade of West Virginia.