Celebrity Paparazzi Fights – Justin Bieber Goes To Prison?

The recent celebrity case around Justin Bieber’s paparazzi scuffle is headed to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, which could prompt discussion on these fights on whether or not tabloid reports go too far on taking photos.

Police have referred the recent paparazzi case to prosecutors, which is apparently standard procedure for high-profile cases, but Bieber could face up to six months in prison if he is charged and convicted.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s departments wants to question Bieber after a photographer complained of being roughed up by the pop star at a shopping center.

Sheriff’s Lt. Robert Wiard (ward) says the photographer called 911 on Sunday and complained of pain to his chest.

Wiard said the scuffle happened when the photographer tried to snap pictures of Bieber and his girlfriend, teen actress Selena Gomez, after they walked out of a theater at The Commons at Calabasas.

Wiard says the photographer was taken to a hospital where he was treated and released.

He says Bieber and Gomez left before deputies arrived, so investigators want to talk to him to get his side of the story about the fight.

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