Celebrity Pilots List – Hollywood Skies

Celebrity Pilots – A list of celebrities who are pilots, and you will be shocked to learn who they are.

Tom Cruise – Cruise may have gotten his taste for flying when he starred Top Gun. He’s been piloting planes since the mid-1990s and now flies his family all over the world. He flew a 1941 Boeing Stearman in the film “Valkyrie.”

James Franco – Is there anything this guy can’t do? Francois getting his Ph.D. at an Ivy League school, starring in critically acclaimed films and teaching a class at New York University. After all that, his pilot’s license sounds like a no-brainer.

Angelina Jolie – If she keeps adding to her brood, Jolie may need to get a bigger plane. She now flies a Cirrus SR22. Meanwhile, she is busy filming her next upcoming flick and continuing her humanitarian work.

Harrison Ford – Ford started training in the 1960s, but didn’t get his license until the 1990s. He once headed an organization for young airplane enthusiasts. He is now involved with an aviation organization with a humanitarian focus.

Dennis Quaid – Could it have been his role in “The Right Stuff” that fueled his desire to fly the friendly skies? Quaid, who played the dad in the “Soul Surfer” movie, also enjoys a game of golf on the ground.

Clint Eastwood – During his early days as an actor, the Oscar-winning director played a squadron pilot in the 1955 “Tarantula” horror flick. His next film project is the “J. Edgar” a biopic. Eastwood might be a celebrity when the cameras are on, but he is one of the best pilots when the lights turn off.