​Channing Depp - Johnny Depp Wants To Play Carol In New Movie

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July 21, 2021

Carol Channing biopic seems like a weird idea if Johnny Depp plays the role. Depp said that playing Channing would be his dream role. Channing believes that Depp is a gifted performer, but also admits that a lot of men have tried to imitate her over the years.

This movie could either make or break Johnny Depp’s career as a film actor. Ok, let’s just say it’s weird. He wants to portray a woman, or become a woman in a film part. Let’s assume one thing for a moment.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a movie actor portrayed a woman in a film. Robin Williams played “Mrs. Doubtfire” and Dustin Hoffman played “Tootsie” in the 1980s. However, the script reminded viewers that it was a man dressed like a woman. Johnny Depp wants to take it a step further and be Carol Channing.

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This movie will either be a great success, or it will fail miserably to the point where Depp will need another role with Disney. Either way, Depp is a brilliant actor and could probably play any role. In fact, most people thought he was a bit too feminine in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” No one is quite sure why Johnny Depp feels that playing Carol Channing is his dream role.