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Charlie Sheen ‘Anger Management’ Facing $50M Financial Lawsuit

04/19/2012 12:40 PM ET

Joe Roth, the producer behind the upcoming Anger Management series, is named in a $50 million lawsuit by a producer who says he was pushed out after Charlie signed on to the show.

Jason Shuman and his Blue Star Entertainment claims that he spent two years developing the show for television and says he’s owed more than $50 million in lost compensation. Shuman filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The court papers were obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

The suit states that Shuman and his company developed the property “under the false promise of receiving significant backend ownership in, and producer credit and fees on, the show” but Roth’s Revolution Studios has “refused to honor its written producer agreement” with Shuman and his company.

Back in 2008, Shuman says he and Blue Star were hired by Roth, the former Disney and Fox studio chief who has run Revolution since 2000, to analyze the company’s film library for properties that could be developed into remakes and sequels and TV shows. Shuman says he helped Revolution develop the film Are We There Yet? into a successful syndicated series. When Roth offered Shuman a “poor” financial deal on Are We There Yet?, Roth allegedly said he would “make it up to” Shuman by giving him significant backend compensation on the next property he helped develop into a series.

At the time, Shuman says he had been working for more than a year and a half trying to turn Anger Management, the 2003 Adam Sandler-Jack Nicholson film produced by Revolution, into a television series.

We’ll keep you updated on this lawsuit because it’s an interesting one.


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