Charlie Sheen Goes On Tirade At Kings Hockey

Charlie Sheen launched into an f-bomb tirade this week after he decided to step outside for a smoke at the L.A. Kings hockey arena, and then was not allowed back in by security.

Sheen was attending game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final’s between the Kings and New Jersey Devils, Wednesday night at the Staples Center, when he was caught on video having to be restrained and yelling at a guard after she would not grant him re-entry into the arena after leaving.

Apparently, the Staples Center has a no re-entry policy, which Sheen was unaware of, until a female security guard made him aware of the policy and would not let him back in.

The video, posted to TMZ, first shows Sheen calmly trying to reason with the guard, “What does common sense direct?” Sheen asked.

But then after apparently being denied and told to “f-off” by the female guard, he burst into his f-bomb and sexually explicit tirade.

After sort of calming down and with paparazzi present, he looked directly into their camera’s and said, “Is common sense and common courtesy, like, gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her.”

“Let a guy back in the door he just walked out of, I mean come on,” Sheen added. “Common sense, that’s all.”

The unidentified guard then told the paparazzi, “Did you not hear me tell him to f*** off?” adding “I don’t care who he is.”

Michael Roth of AEG, which owns Staples Center, said, “signs inside and outside the arena state that once people exit the building, they are not allowed to return. There are places where smoking is permitted inside Staples Center.”

Roth added, the policy is in place for the safety of the fans. He said of Sheen’s tirade, “We regret that any patron would direct such abusive language at one of our employees.”

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