Sheen Uses Real Name For ‘Machete Kills’ Film

Charlie Sheen changes his stage name to Carlos Estevez for his upcoming movie “Machete Kills.” It’s a puzzling move, but those behind the project say it will make sense once the film opens.

The actor told Univision News back in 2012 that he started going by Charlie when he was growing up because he had an uncle named Carlos, US Weekly reported. The actor also admitted in the same interview with that he doesn’t “wake up feeling Latino.”

“I’m a white guy in America,” he said. “I’m not disgraced by it. I don’t run from it but I was born in New York and grew up in Malibu, that’s not very Latino.”

Charlie/Carlos’ father, Martin Sheen, was born Ramon Antonio Gerardo Estevez. His brother, former Brat Packer Emilio Estevez, chose to keep his birth name while pursuing his acting career.

“Machete Kills” is the second installment in the planned trilogy that kicked off with 2010’s “Machete.” Its all-star cast includes Sofia Vergara, Antonio Banderas, Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson and Jessica Alba.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters Sept. 13.

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