​Chili Peppers Singer Brawls With Security At Four Seasons​​

Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis brawls with a security guard at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia after being attacked by an over-anxious security guard outside a Philadelphia hotel where the Rolling Stones were staying.

The 50-year-old rock star was walking hand-in-hand with a woman toward the Four Seasons before a black-suited guard approached the couple.

As Kiedis walked toward the front door, the guard extended both hands and tried to stop him — and then quickly dove at the singer’s legs.

Kiedis wound up in a brief headlock before things were sorted out.

“That’s the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers,” shouts one stunned onlooker as the scuffle began.

Kiedis’ explanation fell on deaf ears: “I live here!”

The California rocker emerged from his scrape with no additional scar tissue — and shook hands with the security guard before walking into the hotel.

Minutes later, the Stones — in town for a two-night stand — emerged from the front of the hotel.

Kiedis issued a brief statement on the whole thing. “I love the Rolling Stones,” he said.