Chris Brown Friends And Rihanna Reunion

Chris Brown and Rihanna are about to reunite and it has friends and fans terrified of their ‘Birthday Cake’ meeting.

Following the 2009 domestic incident, Chris Brown and Rihanna, who’s face was left looking like a punching bag, will be together for music, but friends of the former couple are ‘terrified’ of a potential reunion between the two performers.

Within the last few months there has been more and more speculation that the two may be looking forward to getting back together, even though they have been apart for five years.

Brown had a restraining order that was in place up until this week, when a judge had it relaxed down to a level one order. According to the new order, he is allowed to interact with Rihanna as long as he does not harass, bother, or molest her.

Then on Rihanna’s 24th birthday she released a remix of an older song called, ‘Birthday Cake’ which included a newly featured part for Brown. On the same-day, he posted a tweet of a remixed song called “Turn Up the Music,” on his upcoming album that featured Rihanna singing the “hook.”

He also tweeted a Happy Birthday message to her to which she thanked him.

Now close friends of Rihanna are worried that this is all leading to a reunion of the couple, even know Brown is currently in a relationship with girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. They have been trying to convince the two that it would be a disaster personally and professionally.

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