Chris Daughtry Gets Sued For Royalty Music Rights

Chris Daughtry’s original bandmates, before he became famous on American Idol, have decided to sue the singer over royalty rights for songs that they say they wrote together and have since become hits.

Prior to ‘Idol,’ Daughtry along with, Ryan Andrews, Scott Crawford and Mark Perry formed the band ‘Absent Element.’ After finishing 4th in the singing competition, Daughtry was offered the lead vocal spot for the band ‘Fuel’, but he declined so that he can form his own new band, leaving ‘Absent Element’ and the members behind, even though the reason he tried out was to help the old band, who had already produced one CD, get some notoriety.

After deciding to form his own band post ‘Idol’ Chris held tryouts for the bands spots. He gave token auditions to his old bandmates but none of them made the cut for ‘Daughtry.’

Now in the suit filed Thursday, Andrews, Crawford, and Perry are seeking restitution for money earned by Daughtry with his new band on songs such as ‘Breackdown’ which was a combination of two ‘Absent Element’ songs, ‘Conviction’ and ‘Breakdown.’ They also claim that ‘Daughtry’s’ hit song ‘Home’ was written with Daughtry while he was a member of the band.

“All four members wrote music and lyrics for Absent Element’s songs, collaborated on the arrangement and recording of those songs, regularly consulted with each other on matters relating to the business of the band, and made partnership decisions based on majority votes,” the lawsuit states.

Daughtry denied the allegations Friday and said he was “very hurt” by the “false accusations.”

“The songs listed in this lawsuit were written solely by me and no one else,” he said in a statement.

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