Chris Martin Back Together With Gwyneth Paltrow – Report

Chris Martin says that he might be back together with Gwyneth Paltrow after the paparazzi asked him about his single life. Martin wouldn’t dive into details, leaving the question wide open.

When asked why he’s still spending time with his ex, the Coldplay singer simply replied, “Well, you’ve gotta hang out, you know?”

Realizing that he may have led the paparazzi to believe that he and Paltrow are patching things up, Martin then clarified that despite having just answered the question he is “not answering your question.”

Last Monday, the Daily News reported that despite the couple announcing their separation in March, “the two were photographed leaving the Chateau Marmont after having a dinner date at the Hollywood hot spot on Saturday.” The date seemed to be a casual outing, but rumors that the two have reconciled have been rapid ever since.

Martin is frustratingly vague when discussing his “conscious uncoupling,” but he does seem to acknowledge that the photogs have good reason to wonder if the famous couple is on the verge of reconciliation.

After all, Paltrow and Martin are still living together and have been recently spotted going out on what appear to be dates.

Sure, there are also rumors that Martin is dating Alexa Chung, but if reports that the the Paltrow-Martins enjoyed an “open marriage” are true, then a little thing like a girlfriend shouldn’t prevent them from getting back together, right?

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