Christie Brinkley Wants Ex To Pay Her For Bullying

Christie Brinkley and architect Peter Cook divorced in 2008, but now Brinkley is asking a judge to fine her ex for his “bullying.”

The couple had been married in 1996 but after Cook’s admission of having an affair with an 18-year-old girl Brinkley filed for divorce. During the proceedings, it was also revealed that Cook was spending several thousands of dollars a month on internet pornography. The divorce was eventually settled out of court with Brinkley paying Cook 2.1 million dollars in exchange for full custody of their two children and some disputed properties.

It was later revealed by Brinkley that Cook would also use ‘overwhelming force in disciplining the children,’ which was supported in testimony by Alexa Joel, the daughter that Brinkley had with ex-husband Billy Joel.

During the 2008 divorce proceedings, it became so contentious that the judge said that any out of line comments by Cook would be met with a $5,000 fine for each instance.

Now Brinkley is asking the same judge to slap Cook with a $140,000 fine from 28 different instances of bullying comments that violate the agreement, through e-mail and texting.

“Peter keeps trying to control Christie, and he can’t deal with the fact that he can’t control her,” a source close to Brinkley told The Daily News.

Meanwhile the, he said-she said back and forth is leading Cook to also ask for $200,000 fines from Brinkley for breaking the same agreement. Cook’s attorney, James Winkler says, “Peter is defending himself, and she doesn’t like that. Ms. Brinkley thinks that the settlement only gave her rights and didn’t give Peter rights.”

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