Christina Aguilera Claims Spray Tan Caused Leg Drips

Christina Aguilera had a malfunction with a spray tan booth and afterwards people could see it drip from her legs as she was sweating.

Singer Christina Aguilera was probably embarrassed by the incident, but she’s been through this stuff before. The problem was, she had a fashion malfunction during the funeral of legendary singer Etta James. Her spray tan was literally streaming down her legs while some of it was seen as a drip on the carpet as she started sweating during the performance last Saturday.

People pick on the strangest things, but this incident was strange to most people because they’ve never seen anything like it. They didn’t know if her skin was coming off from her legs or if she needed medical attention. The stain of the tan was visibly clear as she sang the classic of the late singer “At Last.”

The singer later ignored the incident and tweeted about her excitement to be given the opportunity to perform at the event. She said that, “Not only did I have the incredible opportunity of meeting my idol, but to be asked by her family to perform at her memorial was so very touching and yet bitter sweet. Losing her was, to me, like losing a part of my soul.”

A statement from President Barack Obama was read at the funeral of the late legendary singer. James battled with leukemia and dementia for years before she finally lost the battle on the 20th of this month. Al Sharpton gave the eulogy at the event with Steve Wonder performing as well.

During her performance, Aguilera seemed to bend down and wipe the tan as it streamed down her legs.

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