Chuck Norris Named Bridge Connecting Slovakia And Neighboring Austria

Chuck Norris now has a bridge named after him after the citizens in Slovakia voted for the TV and action movie star.

The bridge connects Slovakia to neighboring country Austria and spans the Morava River between the two countries. The final decision will be made by a regional assembly, but according to Governor Pavol Freso, they would likely agree to the wishes of the people who have been voting in an online poll in which the Chuck Norris name is leading the ballots.

Two other names in the running for the bridge, that will allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross between the two countries, is Maria Theresa an Austro-Hungarian empress and The Devinska Cycling Bridge. Devinska is the name of the nearest Slovakian village.

However, so far it seems it will be a landslide victory to name the it after Norris as it is leading with over 70% of the votes; voting will conclude in April.

Norris rose to fame as a martial artist who played tough guys in 80’s action movies and later in his career was the star of the popular television show, “Walker, Taxas Ranger.” He has also started a martial arts school franchise called “Chun Kuk Do.”

Norris has garnered somewhat of cult following around the world, specifically with the creation of a site called, “Chuck Norris Facts.” The site list’s fictional feats of heroics and non-facts about Norris. For example, it lists things such as, “Chuck Norris can ski uphill” and “The big bang was created by Chuck Norris’ first roundhouse kick, when he didn’t know his own strength.”

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