Coachella 2012 Sells Out At Music and Arts Festival

Believe it or not: Any hopes that extra Coachella Music and Arts Festival tickets are available can now be laid to rest, because the entire event has sold out, leaving many without tickets.

Just four days in after Coachella lineups were announced, the festival released a statement that all tickets for 2012 are now sold out.

In 2011 the Coachella Festival drew an audience that averaged 75,000 for each of three days or a total of 225,000.

That is expected to double this year when the festival operates April 13-15 and April 20-22, 2012.

With a grand total gross of $24.9 million in 2011, Coachella ranked as the world’s top grossing festival for the year.

Among the top acts to be featured this year at Coachella are Florence and the Machine, David Guetta, and the Black Keys.

Already Craigslist is offering at least 161 different options for grabbing a ticket. Many of these seem to be fans who snagged what they could in the hopes of swapping one weekend for the other, but be aware, others are looking to swap a counterfeit stack of $100 bills for your legit ticket — or vice versa.

The far-safer StubHub site offers a handful of options starting at $400 per ticket, a price certain to go up as April approaches.

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