Colleen Shannon Arrested For Smuggling Man, Harboring Aliens

Colleen Shannon was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle and harboring illegal aliens from Canada, but was released on bond and is currently out of custody.

Shannon was taken to upstate New York’s Clinton County Jail and booked for “bringing in and harboring aliens.” Customs and Border Protection made the arrest. For violating this federal statute she could face ten years in prison if convicted.

Sources say that the man she tried to bring into the country is her boyfriend, but this hasn’t been verified yet.

After posing for Playboy Magazine’s 50th Anniversary in 2004, the 5′ 2” model went on to play tunes in clubs becoming the “World’s sexiest DJ,” according to her website.

But legal woes have has brought her self-promotion to a standstill — her usually active twitter account has fallen silent since August 12.

The 34-year-old’s latest update on the social networking site read, “Comin 2 San Antonio & Houston in 10 days y’all! Think I should I wear my cowgirl boots & spurs 2 the lingerie party?” With this recent run-in with the law, it’s safe to assume that wearing cowgirl boots to a lingerie party is no longer at the forefront of her mind.

Shannon’s career has been an interesting combination of music and modeling. She has performed on stage with musical artists like Snoop Dogg and Sting. She has also appeared in music videos by Smashmouth and Dido.

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