College Majors Of The Stars – Celebrities

College Majors of the Stars – Who went to school and got a degree? You will be surprised about these celebrities and it might make you think different of them. Here’s a list of those famous people with big degrees.

Let’s start with the richest lady in America. Oprah Winfrey went through college and obtained a degree in Speech and Drama from Tennessee State University. Jerry Bruckheimer is one of the world’s best known producers. He produced such hits as Topgun, Pirates of the Caribbean and the CSI franchise. You can see his name almost everywhere and he obviously knows what will sell. It’s no surprise then that his degree is in Psychology from the University of Arizona.

Steven Spielberg’s college degree is unlikely to surprise anyone. He holds it in Film and Electronic Arts from the California State University at Long Beach but hold on a moment… He only completed it in 2001! Tiger Woods is a Standford and an Economics major. Pretty good fall back if his career takes a dive.

Celebrity Tom Hanks went to California State University in Sacramento and studied Theatre. I am glad he liked it and came out with a major as he has produced some excellent films and I bet he will do many more before he departs from this world. Madonna is a legend and always will be. She got a degree in Modern Dance and it came from the University of Michigan.

Donald Trump is a bold character and likely would have succeeded without his college degree in Economics. However he did get one and it came from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance. Shaquille O’Neal holds a degree in General Studies at Louisiana State University. Michael Jordon could have ended up doing something completely different as he majored in Geography at the University of North Carolina. My all time favorite comedian, Adam Sandler, has a degree as a Master at Fine Arts from New York University.