Conan O’Brien First Anniversary On TBS

Conan O’brien – This month will mark the one year anniversary since Conan O’Brien moved his sofa, desk and bone-dry sidekick, Andy Richter, to TBS. He’s back in New York this week to tape four shows at the Beacon Theater.

In 2004, the TV host negotiated a new contract with NBC, and part of that deal was to take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno. In 2009, Leno moved to a new primetime slot, and Will Ferrell became Conan’s first Tonight Show guest on the couch as Pearl Jam appeared as his first musical guest.

However, things got weird at NBC because they wanted Leno back at the 11:30 p.m. slot, which made O’Brien leave the network with a hefty sum of money. He soon announced that he would host a new show on cable station TBS. The show debuted on November 8, 2010, airing Monday through Thursday beginning at 11:00 pm ET/10:00 pm CT.

O’Brien’s addition moved Lopez Tonight with George Lopez back one hour to midnight. Refusing at first to push Lopez back, as the same thing happened to himself at NBC with Leno, he would only agree to join after Lopez called to persuade him.

TV Guide Magazine recently conducted an interview and asked if he missed New York: “Oh, yeah. We just were back two weeks ago. I had a couple days off and I went back there with the crew, and we shot a bunch of things in and around the city, and it was just this blast of adrenaline, you know? It’s like on ER, when they stick that needle into someone’s heart to get it going again. It’s a needle of adrenaline in your left ventricle. And the people were great. I mean, everywhere I went, people were leaning out of buses: “Conan!” You know, I think people were happy to see my weird orange head.”

TV Guide asked if he would continue his show on TBS at the end of his current contract. “I’d be fine with that. I love these guys. I have upcoming talks with Telemundo. We’re going to have tapas, and we’re going to talk about some stuff. That might be my only caveat with TBS.”

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