Conrad Murray Trial Goes To The Jury

Conrad Murray – The involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray went to jury Thursday, following passionate closing arguments from prosecutor David Walgren and defense attorney Ed Chernoff.

During closing arguments, Walgren accused the doctor of performing an “obscene experiment” on Jackson for treating his insomnia with propofol. He also slammed defense witness Paul White, accusing his of foisting “junk science” on the court.

Chernoff, delivered the defense’s closing argument during Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial Thursday, arguing that the singer had caused his own death, and suggesting that the doctor was being vilified because people want someone to pay for the death of music icon Jackson.

“If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson, would this doctor be here today?” Chernoff asked.

Chernoff began by admitting that Murray had made mistakes during his treatment of Jackson, including administering propofol to the singer in his home, but argued that none of the mistakes added up to criminal negligence that directly caused the singer’s death.

“This case that you’re deciding, it isn’t a medical board hearing, it’s not a civil lawsuit,” Chernoff told jurors. “It isn’t about money, it’s about liberty, and in order for a crime to be proved, you have to show that Dr. Murray killed Michael Jackson.”

Throughout his argument, Chernoff accused the prosecution of inventing a propofol drip where none was found, contending that the only way Conrad Murray could be found responsible for Jackson’s death is if Murray had delivered the propofol via a drip, instead of the 25 milligram injection he told police he gave him.

Throughout the trial, defense has maintained that Jackson self-administered the dose of drugs that killed him, and that theory ran through Chernoff’s closing argument Thursday.

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