Conrad Murray Trial Resumes With Medical Expert

Conrad Murray Trial Update – Michael Jackson was so heavily drugged in the hours before his death.

Conrad Murray trial coverage continues… One medical expert testified Thursday suggesting that Michael Jackson would have been incapable of self-administering the massive dose of propofol that killed him.

Dr. Steven Shafer, who presented a number of possible scenarios for Jackson’s overdose, said one posed by Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense – that the star gave himself the powerful anesthetic – is “crazy” “He can’t give himself an injection if he’s asleep,” he told jurors. The more likely scenario was that Murray placed Jackson on an IV propofol drip on the morning of his death then left later to make a series of phone calls as the singer slept, Shafer stated.

Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial On Michael Jackson Overdose

Jackson probably stopped breathing before Murray returned, and the singer’s lungs emptied while the propofol kept flowing into his body, the witness said.

“This fits all of the data in this case and I am not aware of a single piece of data that is inconsistent with this explanation,” Shafer said.

Earlier, Shafer took the jury through a virtual chemistry class with diagrams and formulas projected on a large screen. He indicated the residue of drugs found during Jackson’s autopsy suggested Murray gave his patient much larger doses of sedatives than he told police. He also said Jackson would have been extremely groggy from the drugs administered by IV throughout the night.

Murray told police he was away from Jackson for just two minutes – a period during which the defense says the singer could have grabbed a syringe and given himself additional propofol.

“People don’t just wake up from anesthesia hell bent to pick up a syringe and pump it into the IV,” Shafer said, reminding the jury that the procedure was complicated. “It’s a crazy scenario.”

Conrad Murray Trial Witnesses

He also said it was unlikely that Jackson injected himself with a needle because the pop star’s veins were too deteriorated and the procedure would have been extremely painful.

Witnesses have said Jackson knew the drug had to be diluted with lidocaine in an IV to prevent burning when it entered the veins.